The “family” has 3 members, excluding the tortoise and the tropical fish. According to my wife it will definitely not get any bigger! Click on the highlighted headers for some of the more embarrassing snaps. The family album is evolving here.

Mummy Bear (Donate)

    Donate and I met when I came over to Germany to work for W.R. Grace in Worms. She was just at the end of her degree in Computer Science at the college in Worms and was completing a practical semester with W.R. Grace.

Daddy Bear (John)

    Here are some ancient mug shots to prove that when the love bug bites, looks don’t count!

Baby Bear (Hannah)

    Hannah was born on Saturday, 12th August 1995 and has been getting older ever since. I estimate her to be somewhere between 10 and 29. In her prime really.

The Youngs

    The Youngs are John Maybury and Margaret (nee Hayes). They’re both 29ers my mum being the oldest by 6 months.

The wife’s family

    My parents-in-law are Karl Valentin and Maria. Karl spends a lot of time researching his family tree and has an incredible memory for names and birth dates.

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