There’s loads that you can do to keep the grey cells active. My wife claims that I have more hobbies that a day has hours. I’ve tried to focus on the few that take up most of my time and aren’t covered elsewhere on the site, such as running and my family.

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying - (next version will have more, e.g. album, tackle)

    I’ve been fishing since I was a laddy, when the standard practice was to impale a worm on a hook and take it for a swim. Don’t let anybody tell you that trout are too proud to eat anything but mayflies. I got hooked on fly tying before I learned to fly fish. I tied flies for my dad, who was both a keen angler and golfer. Makes you wonder how he found the time to have 5 kids!


    I read around 40 books a year. I’ve usually got a novel and a non-fiction book on the go at the same time. Most novels I read are in English whereas the non-fiction stuff is mostly in German.


    I currently use a Canon 40D, which I bought in Kuala Lumpur to upgrade my 300D. I’m really am stunned by what’s become possible on a PC with software, such as Photoshop. I’ve posted my ‘best’ images on the web @ flickr


    Since I was given an iPod mini for my 50th birthday (thanks Ralf) I’ve converted all my CD’s to mp3 and have never bought plastic since. I’ve since then upgraded to an iPod classic with 30Gig space, which can play viseos and podcasts. Great for when I’m travelling.

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