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I dabbled for years with film SLRs - Canon A1, Rebel before moving completely to digital in 2004. I was never really interested in darkroom development like many real die-hard enthusiasts but the potential to ‘develop’ pictures on the PC using RAW images and software, such as Adobe’s Photoshop has just blown me away.

I currently use a Canon 40D, which I bought in Kuala Lumpur to upgrade from my 300D.

On the PC I organise my pix using Adobe Lightroom, which is the bees knees for handling RAW images. The post-processing possibilities for grayscale images are awesome.

To do more adventurous post-processing I use Photoshop CS3 if I need layers to achieve the desired result.

For the really worthwhile images that deserve to be printed I recently invested in an Epson Stylus PHOTO R2400. The quality is mind-boggling. I use Lightroom to print since I find this module easier to use than printing directly from Photoshop.

The Web module in Lightroom is also my 1st choice for creating web galleries and slideshows, such as those you will find on this site.

You can find the family snaps on these pages and the more ‘artsy’ ones on flickr.

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